An Apple To Start Your Day!
3 Apples A Day, Keep The Doctors Away! 

The live protein, anti-oxidant, anti-aging diet!                                            Crunch Cool Colours Every Day

You are embarking on a virtual Food Safari of a different kind! No, it’s not going to be focused on the established calorie-centred Holy Trinity of conventional nutrition, meaning the carb’s, the fats, and the proteins, far from it! In fact, you can forget about ever counting calories again! Instead, you will enter a new colourcoded world of nutrition, to help you get healthier and stay so.

Luckily, the top performing anti-ageing, good-mood enhancing foods known on this planet are also the most colourful ones. All you need is to spread all those edible colours picturesquely on your plate and savour the spectacle!

You will learn how to freshen your tired old taste buds with a proper little desalination programme, so you can morph into a discerning raw food connoisseur, knowing all about optimal health cover. For example when it comes to distinguishing the goodies from the baddies! You will be able to find the first-class, live proteins and phase out more and more of the second rate, heat-damaged ones, and you will finally understand why it is as important to measure our own pH value, as it is for us to check the acidity of our swimming pools.

When you go shopping you won’t ever have to strain your eyes again on trying to read those wickedly small print lists of ingredients, for you will know when to vote with your feet against those added poisons that lurk in synthetic oil tar colours and flavours.

Throughout the years, you will save hundreds and thousands of dollars on your food, your energy bills and your health costs. You will feel less and less tempted to buy those useless, life-shortening, synthetic vitamin supplements. A further bonus being, getting your body slowly, and steadily into shipshape, being free from any fad dieting, and all without ever feeling hungry!

Increase your life span odds by a decade or more just by eating cool food, and learn the why’s and wherefores of how to try and  steer clear of disease risks like heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, simply by eating the right stuff! All this has been proven by leading health research findings, and thoroughly recommended by W.H.O, (not the rock & roll group!) but the World Health Organization.

To make life easier for you, you will be provided with an easily memorized shopping list for the best nutritional food, and there are a few rhyme chimes to make the memory stick more easily! So long as you are not colour blind, just go shopping for fresh food in all colours. You can still eat your cooked old favourites as long as you eat the raw colours first, and don’t get sidetracked by any colourful packaging.

Learn about your family tree roots, your genes and those of your oldest family members, and what they can teach us in return by way of lifestyle! Be introduced to some eye openers which will make you understand the mainstays of life, the living cells, the pumping heart, the right blood pressure and how to maintain it. Find the best food for your blood cells and which food can make all the difference between good and bad eyesight.

Understand what trouble Obesity can wreak, and why we are not to be blamed after all, because this is actually an industrial disease. caused by artificially condensed food concentrates and therefore technically preventable, avoidable and curable, too.

Get to know the trade secrets of the food industry, to keep you hooked on the wrong food, just for profit’s sake. You will realize what addictive food additives can do to your body system. Even such old time classics as sugar and salt can bring health to a halt! Just as you are wary, hopefully, of putting the wrong oil into your car, you can learn to steer clear of causing an inner body oil slick to your cell membranes.

Finally, you will recognize why eating cooked food can do damage to your immune system, by overstressing your white blood cells into a state of leucocytosis. You will learn about food poisons created by the heating process. Which, by happenstance, may well be occurring in a kitchen near you, home-made in your very own cooking pot?


Why not join us. You will be in good company.



Leonardo da Vinci

Benjamin Franklin

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Ralph Waldo Emerson

George Bernard Shaw

Paavo Johannes Nurmi

Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Johnny Weissmuller

Yehudi Menuhin

Sir Paul McCartney

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