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She'll Be Apples!
She’ll Be Apples! Munch The Pips!

The author hails from a family tree with quite a few teachers hidden in the foliage. She majored in literature, and languages, ancient and modern, graduating from Munich University in 1970 with the German equivalent of M.A. Dip. Ed., and spent the next two decades teaching mainly English to Germans in Bavaria and German to Australians in Perth. Sophie Susanne was the first  appointed lecturer, in Western Australia, to hold German Certificate Courses and exams on behalf of the Goethe Institut.

The Y.A.N.C.H.EP Diet concept evolved from her Community Workshops held at Yanchep Lagoon Beach, Western Australia, over a series of Summer Schools.

Thanks to the wide spectrum of German Secondary Education. in the Sixties, she also enjoyed six years of solid grounding in biology and chemistry, .This served her in good stead when she embarked on her own mature-age fossicking, regarding the biologistics of our very human and yet, ultimately, evolution-based, colourful feeding habits.

Pudd’nhead Wilson

Training is everything.

The peach was once a bitter almond,

cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education

Mark Twain (1835-1910)