About the Book

Fruitfully Yours!
Eat In Full Colour Every Day! Fruitfully Yours.
Youthevity = Ageing Youthfully!

‘Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.
It is the freshness of the deep springs of life.’

Samuel Ullman (1840-1924)

Susanne’s prime reason for producing this almanac, is to share a lifestyle theory that proved successful for herself and her partner, and her many friends.

The principle behind her eating style is that live enzymes are beneficial to the digestion and a healthy digestive system maintains a better functioning body. To achieve this without the usual life change stresses, Susanne realised that naturally highly coloured foods, as well as being flavourful and appetising, were bursting with the enzymes that she saw our bodies craving for,  especially those that had been deprived by diets high in over-cooked and processed foods. She determined that variety, represented by colour, was the quickest and healthiest way to create a meal. The rest follows automatically.

Now that she is on her own, Susanne does not have the daily social need to prepare elaborate meals, so her No Cook policy was easy to follow, while leaving the enzymes undamaged and intact. For those of you who enjoy the process of creating a meal, we have a few tried and true suggestions.

The real drive behind all ideas in this book is Susanne’s infectious enthusiasm for the value of live enzyme action, bright colours and crunch. On a more personal note: I would not have had the pleasure of meeting Susanne if my husband had not been sent to a non- English speaking region of Germany for six months. In the six weeks of cultural and language lessons that she gave me, I discovered that we also shared the values of healthy eating. My background includes Consumer Science and a belief in correct nutrition.

After my trip to former East Germany, I better understood Susanne’s passion for her topic. She was brought up in a culture that places emphasis on meat, fat and potatoes. Many vegetables are bought in glass jars and supermarkets do not have the massive displays, or sales, I suspect that we do here in Western Australia. Salads are often limited to a single item i.e. cucumber salad is sliced cucumber dressed with a little oil and dill seed.

Farmer Vegetables turned out to be tinned corn, swimming in a sea of butter, garnished with a little diced capsicum. Germany is not alone in this; many parts of Australia still survive on over-cooked traditional English fare with a limited variety of vegetables.

I am honoured that Susanne trusted me to proof read her YANCHEP Lagoon Beach Diet and I wish her everything good that comes from making a positive contribution to the lives of those in the Community. My private wish is that she translates her book into German, because from what I saw in East German restaurants, markets, vegetable shops and bookshops, there is an aching need for her ideas in the land of her birth.

Marie Burke

Perth 2005