Raw is Law


For Women’s Role in Worldwide Waist & Disease Control
Modern Man has colour-coded everything in his life-Except his eating.
Women are especially prone to spend most of their time and money in their lives on colour-decorating themselves, their families, and their homes anew with every new season.
Nationally and worldwide, most businesses are built on selling colour schemes through ads, logos and fashionables.The petrochemical industries provide most of this colorification with synthetic colours derived from coal tar.
This has vast effects on health, globally and personally:
Chemical colours pollute and damage the environment,Including our own body system.
Degenerative diseases are increasing alarmingly.
Obesity is a major cause of concern.
Women have the option of feeding their families either, wrongly with petrochemical (coal tar) colours.Or naturally, with plant colour pigments.
Natural colours in plants have been shown to be medicinesagainst cancer, blindness, etc.
Australian and International Health Organizations have recommended fruits and vegetables for their medicinal colours etc. since 2002 (Go For 2&5. com.au).It is up to women to improve the far too low participation rate, and thereby combat obesity and chronic diseases.It is Women that can change lives by going 2 & 5’s!For an easy way to eat in full colour and lose weight, visit:www.Youngevity.com (Colour Eating Without Heating)

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