Go Bananas!

The Elixir of Youthevity
Blend a handful of leaves, this month we’re  into a green cocktail of  clover or  fennel  (upper stalks &  fronds)  with a cupful  of water. Add in  a ripe banana.  (We use a Magic Bullet Blender). The green  leaves ensure your daily ‘fill of chlorophyll’. Spice for taste with a freshly squeezed  lemon. A drink divine!

“For he of honey-dew has fed, and drunk the milk of Paradise”. ( Samuel Coleridge)

According to Steve Wright’s factoids, lettuce was an ancient form of Viagra! If eaten in larger doses, that is…..So, let us eat lettuce. Let us!

He also quotes bananas having the same chemical as Prozac. No wonder then the whole world goes bananas in its search for happiness!

Did you know  that the East Germans made the Berlin Wall finally come down because of their insatiable appetite for bananas which they could not get in the Communist world order?

Combine the two : green leaves, clean water, plus bananas, in a smoothie, and enjoy their wondrous  after – effect!



CONTENTS …p.8-10 



1. My Generation…p.16-24

2. Frank and I…p.18-24

3. A Step Back In Time…p.25-26

4. My Starter  Kit to a New Life…p.27-28

5. My Yanchep Beach Diet…p.29

6. A Little Almanac for Youth-Evity…p.30-36

7. Black & White? Or Colour…p.37

8. And This Is How It Can All Get Started…p.38-39

9. Creatures That in the Colours of the Rainbow Live…p 40-41

10. Snippets of Home Made Wisdom…p.42-43

11. First Things First…p.44-45

13. Enzyme Killers…47-48

14. Eye Openers…p.49-51

15. My Ancient Family History…p.52

16. Julie Edie:Additive  Alert …p.53

17. Why a Fruitful Diet is Better for Osteoporosis Patients…p.54

18. The Pleiades /Seven Sisters of Health…p.55-56

19. Watch Out for Fake Colours in Processed Food…p.57-59

20. The Danger in Sugar…p.58-59

21. My Personal Quick Starter Kit To The Youthevity Diet…p.60

22.Leukocytosis and Cooked Food…p.61-62

23. Rhymes with a Reason…p.63-64

24. Put Colour in Your Life…p.65

25. My Live Protein Designer Muesli…p.66

26. Live it Cool and Fruitful…p.67

27. Salads for Fast Fruition…p.68

28. Obesity…p.69-72

30. Dr. Peter Dingle: My Dog Eats Better Than Your

31. Why Cooked Food is Such a Health Risk…p.78-79

32. Your Risk of Dying…p.79

33. Practical  Hints…p.80-81

34. The Grass Monkey Tale- An Evolutionary Fable…p.82-86

35. Author’s Afterthoughts…p.87-88

36. Pickled Tongue, Everybody…p 89-90

ABC: Alphabet of Healthy Eating: 43, 55, 60

Acidity: acid or non-acid: alkalinity: measured in pH.(H2O= 7= neutral),13, 24, 51

Acrylamide: DNA-damage-causing byproduct of baking, frying and cooking,71, 86

Addictive foods: possibly caused by artificially condensed man-made food concentrates, triggering a non-stop search response; leading to craving, binge drinking or eating.43 e.g. sugar, 70, alcohol, fatty fast foods 71, salty fast food, 71

Additives: 53, 76

Alkalinity: non-acidity, 24, 51

Aging foods: sugar 58, oxidized fats, trans-fats, 74, 75

Anti-aging foods: orange, red, green blue, yellow fruits and vegetables, 30, 57

Alcohol: fermented sugar; dehydrating effect, 20
Alimentary: =digestive tract , three times longer in plant eaters than in meat eaters,.25

Antioxidants: 56,anti-rust agents  vitamins = co-enzymes & enzymes, plant pigments like carotenoids 48, working synergistically, working as a team, e.g. Vitamins A, C, E

Aristotle: philosopher & scientist, 322-264 B.C.: man is a social animal by nature,34

Addiction: to sugar, 70, to caffeine & alcohol, junk food, 71

Alcohol:: ethanol, .fermented sugar, 70, dehydrating effect, 20, 84

Antibiotics: used as fatteners by meat, egg, fish farmers, 75

Aversion therapy:16

Bioflavonoid: yellow-orange coloured plant pigments for DNA protection, 31. plant hormones, 48

Binge eating & drinking: possibly caused by nutrient deficiencies in spite of calorie density, 43

B vitamins from brewer’s yeast: 28,.29, 55, 56, acting as co-enzymes, 48

Beef Industry: disinformation tactics regarding media coverage of health risks, 35, 87

Body Mass Index: 69

Bovine Growth Hormone: in meat and dairy products, possibly causing breast and prostate cancer, 50

C Vitamin: daily need for primates only from raw fruits & vegetables 33, 34,

49, 55, 56

Caffeine  addictiveness, 43, calcium loss through caffeine, 54

Calcium loss through meat protein 51, caffeine, alcohol, 54

Caramelization of starch and sugar caused by high heat, produces nerve toxin acrylamide, 77, 82. caramels: synthetic flavour E 150, 53

Cancer risk from meat 21, 50, 51, 60, colorectal and breast cancer 74, 75, 77, 78
Carotenoids: beta carotenes, lutein, lykopene, hundreds of different ones, most yet to be discovered. 40, 57, 58

Carnivore: meat eater, as against herbivore: plant eater, 52, with different digestive tracts, 25, much higher health risks of human meat eaters, 78
Cheese (compacted milk) 36 listeria contamination risk, 63. calorie & cholesterol bomb 83,  89

Chimpanzee  eats 85 g meat per month Third Chimpanzee 25, 26. our 99% genetic identity. with chimp:(humans= chimps de luxe’), 34

Cholesterol not found in plants, only animals, 19, 50, foreign cholesterol, 51 Highest risk from heat-damaged, rancid cholesterol. clogging blood flow .51

Chlorophyll solar energy pigment in green leaves, enabling plant’s sugar production. 23, 32

Coal Tar derivatives for artificial food colours, flavours, health risks 33, 34, 57

Coeliac (disease) chronic inflammation of gut from grain eating, 85

Cooking risks 35, 62, food arson, 33 heat-condensed food causes overeating, 49. 55. leucocytosis, stressing white blood cells, 61-62

Colour  survival instinct, colour-coded life style. 33 (pigment), 21.against eye disease.40, 41
Synthetic colour baits. Stolen Colours, 33, 53, 57, 65

Concentrated foods from heat through dehydration.49 causing a craving for more 43, 45

Dairy foods,  dangers: osteoporosis 54, 75, pasteurization 76, cancer&Alzheimer’s.76

Degenerative diseases caused by lifestyle, 75, 76

De-salination: weaning your body from addictive salt intaske.13, 88, 89

Digestive tract. of humans like that of a herbivore great ape.25

DDT changes into estrogen in breast milk, 63, 65

Dingle, Dr. Peter. My dog eats better than your kids. 74-78

Enzymes 14, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 32, 33, 41-47, co-enzymes 48

Evolutionary anthropology: .study of human ancestry25,26, 49

Factory foods  health risks:14, 27, 28,49, 50, 55, 56

Fast food (=“fats food”) 63, industiy causing obesity 71

Fatty acids natural trans-fatty acids unnatural Frankenstein Fats, 73, 75

Fermentation sugar turned into alcohol through yeast bacteria. 43, 84

Flavonoids = plant hormones in the form of colour pigments.32, 48

Free Radicals.held low by antioxidant plant pigments.45

Fish  artificially dyed salmon health risks  50, 53, 57

Goodall, Prof. Jane chimps as minimal meat eaters.25

Genes/genetic origins of humans 25, 26, 52, 81-85

Germinating seeds for live- protein enzyme power 47

Grease (trap for cell membranes) 20, 74

Haemoglobin. Red blood pigment with iron to deliver oxygen to all body cells.32

Hippocrates of Cos, Greek doctor, 460?-357?B.C. , of Hippocratic Oath fame. 31,, 60

HCA Heterocyclic Amines (toxins from frying meat) 77

Heating food causing body stress: 61 vitamin deficiencies.55-56 76, food poisons 77, 78

Hydrogenated oils causing toxic transfats. 73, 75

Hormones in plants phytohormones health protector effect 50

Junk food danger to health, 59, through imbalance of fatty acids.74, 75
Ice Ages necessitating meat eating for survival. 34
Kouchakoff, Dr. Paul 1930, blood research cooked food causes leucocytosis, .61
Lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt, pickled vegetables, 47

Lactose intolerance, “Lactosa Intolerantia”, 83

Leucocytosis.white blood cells reacting when cooked food is ingested.60, 61, 62

Listeria risk from soft cheese 63

Living protein only from raw plant foods 13

Life expectancy of vegetarians versus others, 74, 78

Lykopene antioxidant colour pigment in red fruits, 58

Lutein. Antioxidant colour pigment in yellow fruits, 57

Maillard reaction caramelization of sugars causes nerve poison acrylamide 64

Meat: Ice Age emergency food 34, fermented & oxidized meat, salami salmonella risk 75, 76

Milk health risks 51, 75, 76

Minerals from plants: vegetables, seeds, nuts. 75

Nitrosamines. Cancer-causing toxins from meat grilling. 51, 57, 77
Obesity seen as an industrial disease caused by the food industry 69, 70

Oil slicks inner-body membranes clogged, 14, 18, 72

Omega3 essential fatty acid:.36, 50, 73, 74

Omega 6 (10 times too much in fast food) 73, 74

Osteoporosis risk from meat, dairy, eggs, caffeine, 51, 53

Oxidised cholesterol from processed meat as health risk, 50

Pan Paniscus ‘the pygmy chimp’ (Bonobo) 82

Pan Troglo (-dytes) :) ‘the cave dwelling’ chimpanzee 82

PAHs polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, poisons caused by grilling meats, 77

Pasteurized milk health risk, 39, 62, 75, 76

Plant hormones =phytohormones, anticancer agents 48. physiology, .31, 32, 33

Plaque formation. From oxidized cholesterol in arteries. 51

Pigments in plants: UV sunscreens against DNA damage 31

Preservatives cell life killing, e.g. sugar, salt, 42

Primates monkeys, apes and humans, 18, daily vitamin C-dependency 34, 49, 55, 56

Prostate cancer. prevention. with red plant pigment lycopene from tomatoes 58

Proteins live from sprouted seeds and grains. 13, 39, protein health risk from meat with uric acid causing gout, and cholesterol causing blood clogging. 75, 76, 78

Roman army breakfast: freshly ground cereal seeds.29
Salami: raw meat, fermented with bacteria, 19. Risks: salmonella, cancer- from nitrosamine, 75, 84

Salivate: mouth watering reflex-to dilute salt concentration 71, 84

Salmonella bacterial infection risk 84

Salt causing kidney damage, through high blood pressure, 20, 71

Smoothies, for optimum intake of chlorophyll 24

Species-specific nutrition:= mainly vegetarian for all primates including us-25

Stem cell foods only from raw plant food, 44

Stress on our immune system by cooked food 61

Sugar. Addictive70. cancer causing, aging brain cells.58

Synergistic=multiplying effect of antioxidants with vitamins in raw plant food-56

Trans-fatty acids “Frankenstein Fats” caused by artificially hardening oils 50, 73
Vegan lifestyle of our closest genetic relatives: Bonobo, Gorilla, and Orang 25, 78

Vegetarian health bonus for mother and child: less DDT, less cancer risk 54, 78

Vitamins: 49, 55, 56, health risks of vitamin supplements, .44

Wandmaker Helmut. German raw food expert, “Vergiss den Kochtopf 78
Yanchep Diet: Youngevity, anti cancer& heart failure, enzyme protein diet 27, 29